Former Congressman Bruce Poliquin speaks at a campaign event at the Dysart's on Broadway in Bangor, Oct. 13, 2022. Credit: Sawyer Loftus / BDN

Inflation is the topic on everyone’s mind. It’s astounding to me that folks want to blame other events in the world for an issue that is completely self-inflicted. Does anyone think that spending   hundreds of billions of dollars doesn’t do something to the level of inflation? When the government   “prints” more money to pay for its expensive pet projects, the money we have is worth less.

It’s the lowest-income Mainers that are paying the price for all this spending.   Heating oil is still close to $5 a gallon and K-1 is even higher. This administration apparently does not want to raise the taxes necessary to account for all this spending, which is why the national debt is now at   $31 trillion for the first time.

We need a change in Congress. A Republican majority in the House can pump the brakes on all this spending. We need Bruce Poliquin back in Congress.

Sandy Harvey