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Tuesday is Election Day in Maine. There’s no better way to reinvigorate the democratic spirit in you than to cast a vote for a worthy candidate or against one who didn’t impress. The same is true for referendums, if your community has any on the ballot. So, make sure you head to the polls.

Voting is simple but important. If you are registered, you just need to show up at your local polling place on Tuesday. Don’t know where it is? The Maine secretary of state’s office has a simple online tool for finding your polling location, which often are city or town halls, schools or other municipal buildings. It wouldn’t hurt to bring identification, though you shouldn’t need it.

Not registered? Bring identification — a photo ID works but so does a piece of mail that proves you live where you say you live — and head to the polls. Maine is one of 22 states that allows you to register on Election Day.

Even if there is a problem with your registration, you still can vote under Maine’s challenged ballot law, so there’s no reason to leave a polling place without having your say. If you make a mistake on a ballot, you can take it to a volunteer at the polling place and ask for another.

The race for governor is the big draw in this election. Incumbent Democratic Gov. Janet Mills is being challenged by Republican former Gov. Paul LePage and independent Sam Hunkler, a doctor and political newcomer.

Maine’s U.S. House seats are also up for grabs. In the 2nd Congressional District, incumbent U.S. Rep. Jared Golden, a Democrat, faces former U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, a Republican who held the seat for four years, and Tiffany Bond, an independent and lawyer. This is a ranked-choice election, so you should rank the candidates in order of your preference.

In the 1st Congressional District, U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree is seeking an eighth term as she faces Republican Ed Thelander, a former Navy SEAL.

Every seat in the Maine Legislature also is in play. Many voters may find themselves in reconfigured districts as Maine’s legislative map was redrawn after the 2020 census. If you don’t know what district you’re in, a visit to the secretary of state’s website can help. Type in your address to get a sample ballot, and to find your polling place.

The Bangor Daily News’ voter’s guide also is a wealth of information.

In many communities, there are elections for local offices and perhaps referendums on the ballot as well. Voting for town council, select board or school committee members is important in determining the policies and priorities of your community.

Early voting remained popular this year, although it is not expected to reach the high set in 2020 when the pandemic prompted many people to vote using absentee ballots.

So far this year, more than 205,000 Mainers had already turned in their ballots as of Monday.

Many of your friends and neighbors likely already have had their say. Make sure your voice is heard, too, by heading to the polls.

We’ve offered some insights about what to do in order to vote. We’d once again also like to offer some advice on what not to do this election season: Don’t harass or threaten election workers. The alarming and increasing way that these officials and volunteers, who are vital cogs in the wheel of democracy, have been targeted is simply unacceptable. These are our neighbors. They are local employees and volunteers who make Maine elections possible. They deserve our praise, not our derision.

If you didn’t vote early, it’s time to cast your ballot. Go vote!

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