Cars stream by the polls on Ocean Avenue in Portland on Tuesday. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

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In the Nov. 5-6 Bangor Daily News, Opinion Editor Susan Young reminded us all that “Voting is democracy’s superpower, but it only works if you show up.” Well, on Nov. 8, we showed up in very high numbers for a midterm election and showed the “pundits” that we knew better than they did that democracy was important to preserve and protect and in Maine voted to reelect our Democratic Gov. Janet Mills, our Democratic congressional representatives Chellie Pingree and (likely) Jared Golden and to preserve a Democratic majority in the Maine House and Senate.

Voters in Maine apparently agreed with President Joe Biden that, “We don’t settle our differences with a riot, a mob, or a bullet, or a hammer. We settle them peacefully … at the ballot box.”

The pundit predictions of trouble on Election Day did not happen, for which I am extremely grateful. The votes were counted correctly and quickly. I am thankful to my local election workers from both parties and town clerks for doing their jobs well.

Pam Person