Donald Trump speaks to members of the media at Mar-a-lago on Election Day in Palm Beach, Florida. Credit: Andrew Harnik / AP

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I read with interest the article in BDN of Nov. 14 entitled, “Maine Republicans openly discuss dumping Trump.” I was particularly interested in the statement by a voter approached by former state Rep. Corey Wilson who said he was a Republican but “had made a pact to vote against all Republicans in 2022.”

I am 91 years old, and a lifelong Republican who made the same pact this year. I will admit that I never voted for Donald Trump or Paul LePage in any of the recent elections. The one problem I had with my pact this year is that a friend of mine was running for office as a Republican and I knew he would be good in the office and I had voted for him in the past, but I could not vote for him as a Republican this year.

If the party returns to the one I knew in the past, I will vote Republican again, but not until I see some major changes.

Marshall Smith

Blue Hill