Secretary of State Shenna Bellows looks towards a monitor and camera as she speaks to the public during a Facebook Live feed that was part of ranked choice tabulations at a state office building in Augusta, on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022. Credit: Rich Abrahamson / The Central Maine Morning Sentinel via AP

The results of the recounts requested for two Maine House district elections were finalized on Tuesday afternoon.

The ballot recounts for House District 106 and House District 88 concluded on Tuesday afternoon, after the recount for the Senate District 20 race was finalized on Monday afternoon, according to the Portland Press Herald.


The final count confirmed that Barbara Bagshaw, R – Windham, won her race in House District 106, coming in with a total of 2,373 to Democrat challenger Dana Reed’s 2,350. Bagshaw gained one additional vote, while Reed gained two, the Press Herald reported.

Democrat Kathleen Shaw, of Auburn, came in as the winner of the House District 88 race on Tuesday. Shaw totaled 2,074 votes to Republican James Sorcek’s 2,003. Shaw gained five votes during the recount process, while Sorcek lost three, according to an official tally conducted by the Maine secretary of state’s office.

Monday’s recount for Senate District 20, representing Auburn, Poland, New Gloucester and Durham, confirmed that Eric Brakey, R – Auburn, won 49.7 percent of the vote, compared with 48.9 percent from Democratic challenger Bettyann Sheats.

That now puts the Democratic advantage in the House at 82-67, while Senate Democrats remain at a 22-13 seat advantage. There are two unenrolled members in Maine’s House of Representatives.

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Leela Stockley

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