Welcome to Housing volunteers and over 40 members of the University of Maine Kappa Sigma fraternity loaded furniture from the University Inn Academic Suites in Orono donated by new owners Tyler Technologies. Contributions will benefit Welcome to Housing and the Salvation Army in Bangor and Old Town-Orono Kiwanis. (Courtesy photo)

Over 40 members of the University of Maine Kappa Sigma fraternity recently joined volunteers associated with Welcome to Housing to load furniture donated and removed from the University Inn Academic Suites in Orono. New owners Tyler Technologies donated mattresses, box springs, dressers, nightstands, tables, chairs, lamps and linens to Welcome for Housing, located at 333 Main Street in Old Town (across from Walgreens). Additional donations were also made to the Salvation Army in Bangor and the Old Town-Orono Kiwanis.

Welcome to Housing is a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers to help neighbors in need of household items. People in need of furnishings are encouraged to stop by Welcome to Housing to select items for free that are needed to furnish an apartment or home. Appointments may be made by calling Gail McNerney at 207-217-1311. Donations and volunteers are always appreciated. Donations are gladly accepted from the greater Bangor area for furnishings and household goods. Volunteers with trucks and the ability to lift are always needed for pick up and delivery runs. 

The Kappa Sigma fraternity members were excited to be part of the community service opportunity to help others experiencing difficult times. Some people who benefit from the Welcome to Housing service are starting over after a variety of housing insecurities such as health issues, domestic violence, loss of employment, or home fires. Besides furniture, some people need dishes, pots and pans, linens, and small appliances.

A special thanks to the three volunteer crews from Kappa Sigma. In addition, two University of Maine international graduate students from South Africa and Nigeria helped with the move. Both men and their families recently received household furnishings from Welcome to Housing and wanted to give back to the organization. Their help, along with other volunteers, was much appreciated. 

To learn more about Welcome to Housing, please visit their website at www.welcometohousing.com or call Gail McNerney at 207-217-1311.