Cyclists who participated in the 320-mile BikeMaine in September 2018. Credit: Melissa Lizotte / Star-Herald

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The reprint of Paula Brewer’s Presque Isle Star-Herald article concerning Aroostook County tourism in the Nov. 26-27 edition of the BDN has raised my hackles. Why is it that when the subject of tourism in The County is discussed, all we see mentioned is hunting, fishing and snowmobiling?

Perhaps I should keep it to myself, as I enjoy solitude, but I think the agricultural area of Aroostook County offers the finest bicycle riding (mountain, road, and fat tire), motorcycle riding and cross country skiing in the state of Maine. The open, rolling hills are the secret ingredient.

Do folks not know that roughly 90 percent of our state is wooded? Once you’ve seen a bunch of trees, how many more does it take to suffice? When will county officials start promoting alternative recreational opportunities?

Dave Ballard