The Kenduskeag Stream in Bangor is pictured in this file photo from August 2022. Credit: Pete Warner / BDN

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On Sunday, I decided to take a drive along Valley Avenue in Bangor. I focused my attention on the beautiful Kenduskeag Stream, but then, on the other side of the road, something got my attention. It was several tarp tents and a lot of trash. As I kept driving, more and more tents appeared, including a tent city of sorts. What a mess.

It gave me an idea. I have an old but reliable camper. It costs a lot of money to camp in most places in Maine along a river or other body of water, but wait! I can do it for free right on Valley Avenue. The cops won’t bother me evidently.

This encampment has obviously been here for a while. I’m wondering why no one seems to be writing about it or doing anything about it.

David Winslow