SCARBOROUGH — Scarborough Land Trust will be hosting a  presentation and discussion on coastal climate change on Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. at the Scarborough Public Safety Classroom. Joined by two guest speakers, this event is part of a  series on climate change in partnership with Saco Valley Land Trust.

Peter Slovinsky, marine geologist for the Maine Geological Survey studies coastal erosion, sea  level inundation mapping, shoreline change mapping, sea level rise, as well as beach and  current surveying. He uses RTK-GPS, bathymetry, and other surveying techniques to assess  resiliency. Slovinsky has almost 20 years of experience working with coastal communities.  

Jeremy Gabrielson, senior conservation and community planner at Maine Coast Heritage Trust,  has an interest in coastal access and resiliency. He serves on both the Coastal and Marine  Working Group of the Maine Climate Council and the Beginning with Habitat Steering  Committee. Gabrielso works closely with partners on projects such as climate change,  conservation planning, marshland protection and restoration, spatial analysis, as well as marsh  migration. 

This presentation will explore how the coast is currently affected by climate change, what the  future entails, and what mitigation strategies exist to keep coastal communities intact. 

Scarborough Land Trust Executive Director Andrew Mackie states, “We are pleased to be  working with Saco Valley Land Trust to address a serious issue facing our communities, the impacts of sea level rise due to climate change. Both Peter and Jeremy bring unique but  different perspectives on how communities can look at and address climate change. We look  forward to questions and a discussion after the presentation.”

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