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SCARBOROUGH — Three Nature Backpacks were presented by Scarborough Land Trust to the Scarborough Public Library. These backpacks are designed for families to check out of the library for day trips to Scarborough Land Trust preserves.

Scarborough Library Director Nancy E. Crowell said, “From our roof’s electricity-generating solar panels to our EV charging station, pesticide-free lawn and windows outfitted with deterrents to  prevent bird strikes, our Library has seriously practiced environmental stewardship through the years. This collaboration with the Scarborough Land Trust is a fun way to further that  commitment, encouraging the families both organizations serve to learn about and enjoy the natural world in their community.”  

Each backpack is specific to a property and is themed to a specific type of animal or ecosystem. Backpack users can create art, do puzzles, and read books about nature. At Blue Point Preserve, you can walk down an old lane to explore the marsh, use binoculars to see marsh birds such as egrets and herons, investigate the property during a five senses activity, or read about what is  found along the nature trail.

Pleasant Hill Preserve is an old farm with fields full of bees, grasshoppers, birds, and wildflowers. Use the bug guides and magnifying glasses to identify insects in the fields! Explore  the property’s rich history and walk the trails.  

Fuller Farm boasts trails through fields and forests for all ages and abilities. Measure a tree with  the tools provided, learn about woodland ecosystems, chase waterfalls, and complete a fun  puzzle.  

These backpacks feature books, puzzles, nature ID, history, and many more fun activities for the  whole family — and each bag is different! Other contents in the backpack include maps, coloring  supplies, “Leave no trace” information card, an item list, and Junior Steward stickers. Each backpack is available to check out from the Scarborough Public Library. To ensure all materials stay in the backpack for the next person to use, library employees will make sure that  all the equipment is safely back in the backpack upon return.  

Scarborough Land Trust Executive Director Andrew Mackie states “We are constantly looking for new methods to encourage families to enjoy the outdoors. Here at the Scarborough Land Trust, we already realize how important nature is to our physical and mental health and we  want parents and children to be able to experience the same wonder and amazement that we  have while out on our preserves. We hope these three backpacks will add a new level of  engagement for our community”.  

Learn more about this project online at https://scarboroughlandtrust.org/nature-backpacks/.

For more information about the Scarborough Land Trust and how to become a supporter, please visit  www.scarboroughlandtrust.org or call (207)-289-1199. For more information about the Scarborough Public Library and how to become a supporter, please visit www.scarboroughlibrary.org or call (207)-396- 6266. 

The Scarborough Land Trust is a community based, non-profit organization focused on conserving natural and  agricultural land. In addition, the Land Trust owns and manages over 1,500 acres, actively managing the land for  the benefit of people and wildlife. Seven properties are open to the public and have trail systems. For more  information on protecting your land, upcoming education programs and events, volunteering, or to make a  donation, contact the Scarborough Land Trust at 207-289-1199 or info@scarboroughlandtrust.org. To visit the website go to www.scarboroughlandtrust.org.  

The Scarborough Public Library’s mission is to provide access to a broad and deep collection and high-quality  services that promote lifelong learning in a welcoming, community-centered facility. To visit the website, go to  www.scarboroughlibrary.org; it is possible to make a gift on the website or by calling (207)-396-6266.