Shoppers are shown where a Black Friday sale sign is posted at a Michaels store in Dearborn, Michigan, Nov. 21. After last year's holiday season of skimpy discounts, American are seeing price cuts across the board for the holiday period that started a few days earlier in October than last year. Credit: Paul Sancya / AP

The high inflation rate, reflected in prices across the board from bread and meat to automobiles, and rising energy prices are squeezing many Maine consumers this holiday season.

The price of food is up an average of 11 percent compared with last October, while the price of toys is up more than 3 percent, apparel up 4 percent and pet food up 15 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Gas still is up more than 17 percent compared with last October, and fuel oil is up more than 68 percent.

Maine has made some moves to relieve the price pressures, but they won’t come in time for the holidays. Low-income Mainers were already bracing to face the winter with less heating aid expected. Democratic Gov. Janet Mills and legislative negotiators agreed on a winter heating relief program that would provide $900 checks to most families across the state, she announced Tuesday. But those checks would not be mailed until next month.

Consumers also can expect to see their electricity rates rise in January, with most Versant customers seeing a $24 rise in their total monthly bill and most CMP customers seeing a $29 rise.

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