A fuel delivery truck advertises its price for a gallon of heating oil, Oct. 5, 2022 in Livermore Falls, Maine. The Labor Department releases the Producer Price Index for October on Tuesday. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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The spin coming out of certain quarters in Augusta would be enough to heat half the state if we could harness it. Let’s see if we can follow the main contents:

There’s no emergency (existing programs are enough). If there were no emergency, would CAP agencies be getting such a higher volume of applications? All applicants must have an interview and verification and it’s a big lift.

The process wasn’t followed and there were no hearings. Or, it’s an emergency and what would we discover in hearings? Who doesn’t know someone who isn’t facing a tough time? The average retired person in Maine is on a very tight budget.

It’s a political stunt by the Democrats to make Republicans look bad and so they would fold on other issues. Really, this is one of the theories going around. This, after negotiating with leadership of both parties and passing the House by a  huge margin.

The cap was too high. Maybe, but it’s Republicans who wanted it raised before signing on.

Look, it takes time to get needed aid out to hundreds of thousands of people. The more time help is delayed the more people will despair and, yes, freeze. Enough with the cynicism, the posturing and the positioning. There’s no new taxes, ideas were taken from both sides and Gov. Janet Mills showed she puts people first. Get it done, lives are at stake.

Philip Bailey