Local wines to be featured at the Good Tern wine tasting on Dec. 23. (Courtesy of Good Tern)

ROCKLAND — The Good Tern Natural Foods Cooperative, at 750 Main Street in Rockland, will host a wine tasting in the Café on Friday, Dec. 23 from 4 to 6 p.m. “We’ll be sampling local wines only this time, to celebrate our Maine producers!,” said event organizer Deminique Cole, wine and beer buyer for the Good Tern Co-op. 

From Eighteen Twenty Wines, out of Portland, comes “Meadow”, a lighter blend rhubarb wine with a touch of Maine wildflower honey. Cole describes “Meadow” as “a love child of cider and mead, since the rhubarb has a sharp acidic tanginess similar to cider, and the wildflower honey adds a reminiscence of mead.” “Bloom,” also from Eighteen Twenty, was released for Maine’s bicentennial, using two of Maine’s heritage crops: rhubarb and blueberries, for an amazing color and refreshing taste.

Oyster River Winegrowers, in Warren, produces “American Red,” with 100% Merlot grapes, and ”American White,” which is 100% Chardonnay.

From Winterport Winery in Winterport there is “Berry Chocolate”: a blueberry-raspberry wine with natural chocolate flavoring added.

And from Cellardoor Winery, in Lincolnville, comes “Theron Rose”: 100% Grenache.

A small selection of cheeses and crackers will be served. The event is free and open to anyone 21 years or older. For more information please contact Deminique Cole at  wineandbeer@goodtern.coop

Good Tern Natural Foods Co-op is a member-owned food and health store, founded in 1980 to provide healthy food and wellness choices at reasonable prices for the local community. The Co-op’s Education & Community Outreach Committee is a volunteer effort to engage residents of Midcoast Maine and beyond in fun and satisfying ways to learn while improving their own mental and physical health as well as ensuring a healthy planet.