People line up to vote on Nov. 8, 2022, at Petersen Residence Hall on the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City, Iowa. Credit: Joseph Cress / Iowa City Press-Citizen via AP

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Kudos to Chase Empsall (letter to the editor, “Win young voters,” in the Dec. 24-25 BDN) for suggesting that the Republican Party can address our climate issue not by denial, but rather with policy solutions. Despite Stefan Nadzo’s caution that global warming is an existential, not a political issue (letter to the editor, “Don’t repeat mistakes,” on Dec. 27), for better or worse it is a problem that will require a political solution.

If we can encourage young Republicans, young Democrats and perhaps some of the old guard as well to adopt this mindset; if such an approach were to be applied to the other pressing issues of our day (including, but not limited to the economy and crime); if we, the voters, could restrain from punishing our representatives for failing to win at any cost, then maybe we can begin to realize government that develops and implements practical solutions.

John Wilson