In this March 31, 2022, file photo, people gather in the atrium of the Bangor Public Library. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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It’s so sorry to see that Bangor residents do not want to see homeless people in a safe and warm library. It could be a teaching moment for their children, explaining to them why they are there. And how much more efficient and easier is it for social workers to help them with a computer nearby?

Granted they should follow the rules like everyone else in the library. If the library has extra knowledgeable staff, it would be easier to remind/enforce library rules for everyone. Maybe it is hard for people to see others in a situation that they could find themselves in soon. But not seeing them doesn’t make their problems go away.

What happened to the idea of helping our fellow citizens? And this right after the Christmas/love everyone season?

Gail Garron