SEARSPORT — Friends of Sears Island will be offering free grab-and-go snow science-themed activity kits for children this month. The kits will include materials and instructions to make paper snowflakes, beautiful frozen bubbles outdoors, frozen ice lanterns, and a tracking identification card for looking for animal tracks in the snow. A small magnifying glass and dark paper will also be in the bag, for firsthand examination of the intricacy of snow crystals, as well as a handout on how snowflakes form, and ideas for family fun in the snow.  

The kits are free and intended for children ages 5-12. Donations to Friends of Sears Island are always greatly appreciated to allow the organization to continue to offer programming to all at no cost. Quantities are limited and will be distributed to families on a first-come, first-served basis. To request a kit for your child, please email After receiving a confirmation email, families can pick up their kits from Jan. 23 to Feb. 3 at the Carver Memorial Library in Searsport. We cannot accommodate requests for kits for classrooms, but teachers are welcome to request free PDFs of handouts via email, or you can check the “Resources” section of our website to find activity kit handouts. 

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