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Often, when a fisher shows up on a trail camera or is photographed by someone from inside their home, a single animal is featured.

And often, the visit is somewhat fleeting as fishers seem always to be on the move.

Today we have a real treat, courtesy of our friend Kirk Gentalen, who keeps tabs on much of what is going on with wildlife along the midcoast.

Gentalen, the Fox Island Regional Steward for the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, sent along the attached video of a female fisher trying to keep its youngsters in line.

One of the kits in the footage seems resistant to returning to the hole in the tree that likely serves as the family’s den. However, its mother insists, first grabbing the little one by the ear and later literally stuffing it into the tree cavity.

The fisher is intent on making sure the family gets back in the den.

Folks who want to find out more about these intriguing animals can join Gentalen for his “Fishers are King” presentation. He will be speaking on Jan. 26 at the Thomas Memorial Library in Cape Elizabeth.

His talk, which will include discussion of what makes fishers everyone’s favorite, or least favorite, member of the weasel family begins at 6:30 p.m. and goes until approximately 8 p.m. Gentalen said a large fisher living near his home on the St. George Peninsula provides plenty of entertainment.

Wildlife enthusiasts may attend the event in person or there also is a virtual option on Zoom. Visit to register.

Gentalen, who has 28 years of environmental education experience from all over the country, writes a column, “Nature Bummin” for MCHT ( and edits the Vinalhaven Sightings Report (

For more information, contact Andy Ryer ( at the Thomas Memorial Library.

Many thanks to Kirk Gentalen for providing Bangor Daily News readers with a cool look at some fisher family dynamics!

Pete Warner

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