The U.S. Capitol is seen on a cloudy day in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023. Credit: Jose Luis Magana / AP

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I don’t know which is more unbelievable; that we have legislators in office who were involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection, or that voters actually continue to put them in office. It’s challenging to think that these congresspeople actually believe the bizarre fantasies they perpetuate; racist and antisemitic conspiracy theories, encouragement of violence against Democrats, and denial of irrefutable results of the last presidential election, to name a few. It seems much more likely that these legislators are “playing” those they perceive to be their “base.” That there are so many voters who are willing to believe their nonsense boggles any rational person’s mind.

It is at least believable that corporations and the wealthy would play into these outrageous lies. For them, the incentives are powerful. They receive huge tax cuts, deregulation of laws that interfere with their profits, and so much more.

But how on earth do the working class and the poor justify their support of a party that would compromise Social Security, Medicare, drug pricing, social services, health care, the Internal Revenue Service, and the defense budget (“Thank you for your service” as long as it doesn’t cost anything)? I think the message from these representatives implies that they think that their supporters are ignorant enough to believe anything. That’s not very flattering, I would say. And yet, this base votes for these horrific legislators, even when they are on track to refuse to raise the debt ceiling. The wealthy will not be the people who suffer the most by this travesty.  

The future of this country does not rest on the shoulders of these MAGA manipulators. I think they are openly trying to destroy it. The future of our democracy depends on voters being courageous and informed enough to remove these people from the government that they are trying to destroy.

Dana Williams