Wendy Closson of Andover captured this nighttime image on her trail camera recently. What's your guess as to what we're seeing? Credit: Courtesy of Wendy Closson

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Sometimes trail cameras can provide us with amazing and beautiful images that take our breath away.

Other times, given the limitations of the technology and the conditions, they can give us fits — to the point where we can’t really tell exactly what we’re seeing.

The latter is the case with today’s trail camera photo provided by Wendy Closson of Andover.

Trail cameras sometimes have difficulty freezing motion for photos taken in the dark. That’s why Wendy’s photo creates a bit of a guessing game in regard to the identity of the creature shown.

It appears to be some type of bird, as there are only two legs visible, along with what looks like a pronounced tail. Or is it?

If Maine had roadrunners among its bird population, that might be my first guess. But we don’t, so it can’t be one, right?

If there were four legs clearly pictured, we could go in a completely different direction and suggest that perhaps it’s a small furbearer, maybe a fox or a coyote, or even a weasel.

Wendy said the date is incorrect on the camera, but the photo obviously was taken at night, which should narrow our list of choices if it is, in fact, some kind of bird.

If it’s a furbearer, all bets are off, since they would be more prone to prowling the snow-covered ground at night in search of prey.

The tracks in the snow also don’t seem to provide much help, given the angle at which the photo was taken. But there sure are a lot of impressions in the snow.

So, since we know you love a good mystery, we would love to hear what you think we’re seeing in the photo. Chime in using the comments section under the story so we can try to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks again to Wendy Closson for providing the photo.

Pete Warner

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