In this Aug. 15, 2016, file photo, wind turbines from the Deepwater Wind project stand in the sea off Block Island, R.I. Credit: Michael Dwyer / AP

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The Maine Legislature is beginning to consider proposals to proceed with offshore wind. If we are going to get out from under the fossil fuel costs that are crushing a lot of Mainers, we need to get access to local power sources and the winds in the Gulf of Maine are just that.

I am sure there are lots of extremely difficult technical issues to overcome, but Mainers have always been good at that and we won’t figure out how to do this until we start trying.

And I know there are concerns about who will pay for this — and it seems there is a healthy debate going on in the Legislature so that the costs are spread fairly — but if we aren’t willing to invest some money in future renewable energy we will be both broke and cold pretty soon.

I also know Maine’s fishing industry is worried about this, but they have a strong voice at the table — and let’s remember, we are not talking about windmills in Penobscot Bay — this is offshore where the wind is almost constant, the water is deep, and there should be room for many uses.

Let’s do this! People should contact their legislators and give them a push!

Robert Knight