BANGOR — On Monday, Sept. 14 a group of teenagers would board the Cyclone roller coaster at 6:17 p.m. At 6:19 p.m. the roller coaster’s front axle would break, causing it to derail at the apex of the loop de loop, hurtling the teens to their deaths.

“Ride the Cyclone” is a high-octane, raucous comedy about the recently deceased members of the St. Cassian Chamber Choir who, following the tragic accident, find themselves in an abandoned warehouse waiting to see what really happens after death. Emceed by The Amazing Karnak, a fortune-telling machine designed to predict the exact time and place of someone’s death, each of the teens competes in a mysterious contest for the opportunity to come back to life.

Cyclone has high levels of camp and outlandish humor while bringing the honesty and heartfelt core of every character, and the story itself, to life. There are moments where you will be laughing so hard and with just a minor turn, you’ll find yourself relating to and feeling emotions deep in the soul.

Following tales of success, imagination, passion, rage, and forgotten souls, “Ride the Cyclone” is sure to warm your heart, chill you to the bone, and fill the room with laughter. This incredible and spooky musical will leave you hooked on Karnak’s mysterious insight on mortality: “Your lucky number is seven. You will soar to great heights. Be sure to ride the cyclone.

All performances are at Some Theatre Company, located at  663 Stillwater Avenue, inside the Bangor Mall.

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