Maine Gov. Janet Mills speaks at a news conference where she and other State House leaders outlined how they will continue to protect access to abortion care, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023, in Augusta, Maine. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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As a father, I know firsthand that life is a precious gift. Our daughter was a blessing to us, even though she was born ill and suffered from cancer for 25 of her 30 years. Her illness was arduous and brought significant pain to her and my family, but greater still was the immense joy she gave us. It never once crossed our minds to end her life while in the womb nor even just before she drew her final breath. The medical community was in awe of how long she could suffer and yet still be happy. She was a joyful warrior.

On Jan. 17, while reminiscing about our daughter, my wife and I accidently saw a press release from Gov. Janet Mills. It was regarding an effort to “strengthen Maine’s reproductive health care laws” or what is also known as late-term abortion. We were shocked that this would even be considered, especially since the governor said during her campaign debates that she had “no plans” to change the law. Additionally, commandeering a lighted candle in a windowsill to mark its introduction and the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade was appalling to us.

I urge Mills to reconsider her stance on late-term abortion and focus on promoting life instead. This venture is unwise and should not be undertaken. I would also urge our lawmakers to reject any legislation that might be introduced. Let us protect every life and cherish every moment we have with our loved ones. Let’s govern with light! A city on a hill!

Ray Thombs