Karen Wentworth sits in her South Portland backyard on July 24, 2020, holding the concoction of life-ending drugs she kept in a tidy, feathered bundle. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

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In response to the story, “A Mainer with terminal cancer meticulously planned her death. This is how she lived.” in the Bangor Daily News: This is an extraordinary story of a remarkable woman. And credit to all those who’ve advocated to legalize her choice and who’ve eased her path.

Not all would choose, or have the material resources, to fight to the end in this way. It’s a shame, that because of politics and social prejudice, we must call assisted suicide “death with dignity.” And force people to extreme suffering, and often impoverishment, before allowing relief.

The same Republican wedge issue cynics and religious extremists who deny access to sound reproductive health education and safe care, also compromise government programs essential to a healthy life and easeful death. From gestation to the grave. And everything in between. Or as the Constitution puts it, government caring for “the general welfare.”

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor