David Richardson, the co-founder of Elephant Energy, leans on a condenser placed on the roof during the installation of a heat pump in an 80-year-old rowhouse in a neighborhood Friday, Jan. 20, 2023, in northwest Denver. Credit: David Zalubowski / AP

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In response to the  recent article in the Bangor Daily News on heat pumps, I would like to tell my story about our recently installed heat pumps. I have two in the main house area and one in the basement. The system is called mini-splits.

We have had propane for heat along with a wood stove. The propane was insanely expensive and the emission of climate-warming gasses, although not as bad as natural gas, was a concern.

The best long-term plan would be to have solar panels on our roof to run the heat pumps, however, we are not there yet. The heat pumps work just fine. During the cold snap here in Maine, we did have supplemental wood heat but the heat pumps continued to heat the house.

In trying to reduce our carbon footprint, the heat pumps are the first step. If you have a wood stove it should be an efficient one that burns the gasses as well as the wood.

We all need to do as much as we can to try and mitigate our contribution to global warming.

Deborah Cayer