UScellular helps users unlock the full potential of top smart watches

As we emerge from winter’s hibernation, it’s time to stop ignoring our Apple Watch’s stand notification and get moving. Spring is here and with it is a renewed sense of getting healthy and

increasing our activity. Today’s smartwatches send and receive notifications, play music, and even make phone calls, all from our wrist. More importantly, smartwatches are playing a larger role in keeping us healthy.

“With new metrics and fitness reminders, our smartwatches are helping us stay on top of our health and fitness goals,” said Tabatha McKay, area vice president/general manager with UScellular in New England. “Smartwatches have become so much more than just an activity tracker. As new features are added, they provide us insight into our personal health, sports performance assessments, specific disease management, and so much more.”

Today’s consumers are using smartwatches to monitor their health, including heart rate, number of steps taken, calories burned per workout, quality of sleep, and blood pressure. In fact, according to the Deloitte Insights 2022 Connectivity and Mobile Trends report, at least seven in 10 consumers said their smartwatches/fitness trackers have improved their fitness and health-with three in 10 saying their devices have made their fitness and health “significantly better.”

“Smartwatches are a popular accessory to pair with any device and is a trend that will likely grow in 2023,” adds McKay. “The Apple Watch Series 8, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5, and the latest Google Pixel Watch offer consumers a choice of different shapes and sizes as well as price points, including a variety of band designs, colors, and styles for users to stylize their smartwatch.”

UScellular experts offer the following tips on how to realize the full potential of a smartwatch and take charge of your health.

*       Activity tracking. Smartwatches have built-in activity trackers that log your movement. A smartwatch can help track everything from steps per day, heart rate, calories burned, and much more. Activity tracking apps like the  Apple Fitness App or Samsung Health also encourages people to meet their daily fitness goals and push beyond regular physical activity by displaying trends that set new objectives as they progress.

*       Calorie counting. Calorie counting, developing healthy eating habits, meal planning, and sticking to a schedule requires planning and attention. Fortunately, apps, like My Macros + Diet and Calories or MyPlate Calorie Counter, make it easy to track and log calorie intake throughout the day while including a wealth of dietary information.

*       Personalized health data. Smartwatch users can program their watch to track sleep, heart rates, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, irregular heartbeats, menstrual cycles, and other personal health information. These advanced health sensors help people stay on top of their health and fitness goals with some even allowing information sharing with healthcare providers.

*       Health management. Smartwatches also help improve your well-being by giving users access to apps designed around specific health conditions, like diabetes, or dietary restrictions. mySugr helps people manage their diabetes as well as track trends for better overall management. For users that live with chronic conditions that require medications, smartwatch apps, like Medisafe and Round Health, make it easier to set reminders that automate and track doses. Research shows that smartwatches are improving the identification of certain heart diseases like atrial fibrillation2 and wearable devices might soon be able to detect other illnesses, like the common cold or COVID-19.

*       Smartwatch care. By taking proper care of smartwatches, users can continue to take full advantage of their health benefits. Since smartwatches often encounter lotion, sweat or dirt from daily use, be sure to clean them by scrubbing with gentle soap or disinfecting with an alcohol wipe to help prevent bacterial buildup.

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