Attendees walk past a booth advertising 5G telecommunications services at the PT Expo in Beijing on Sept. 28, 2021 Credit: Mark Schiefelbein / AP

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I’m wondering if there might be a “patron of the arts,” out here? I’m referring to my wishing for a donation for an audio system that actually works for Rockland. This is what is seriously needed for “the art of hearing,” at City Council meetings. The system does not work anymore. It seems to me that we all want to hear each other. The people at home on Zoom could not be heard by 98 percent of the people attending the jam-packed meeting. I’m referring to the meeting on the night of Feb. 13.

This was an important meeting for many reasons. My biggest concern right now is the 5G roll out coming soon. I want us to be well protected and prepared with an ordinance that is created and supported by attorney cell tower expert Andrew Campanelli. Also check out the “Environmental Health Trust” website to learn more about 5G. This is the kind of law Campanelli focuses on. He has many years of experiencing this focus across our country. Go to our city website and view the meeting! “Rockland Maine City Council Agendas and Meetings.”

Thank you for hearing me. I may not have been heard at the council meeting Feb. 13.

Ananur Forma