The Maine State House is seen at sunrise, Dec. 2, 2020, in Augusta, Maine. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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I was born in 1950 and for all of my life I lived under the threat of nuclear attack. The threat that had me cowering under desks in grade school was from Russia and the Soviet Union. Recently, when the Maine Legislature  voted to support Ukraine the great majority of Maine’s Republican Party parroted anti-democratic talking points and (with a few exceptions) voted not to support Ukraine.

For my 73 years we’ve spent trillions of dollars in support of freedom, democracy, and a powerful defense with much of this focused on the Soviet Union and Russia. If anyone takes a few minutes to read the history of Russia and Ukraine it’s brutally clear that this war is what Russia has done since the beginning of history. I believe they are now a corrupt, authoritarian, organized crime family in possession of a country.

If Ukraine had not bravely fought Russia to a standstill what would be next and what would the naysayers say then? As the largest land war, the most violent fight, since World War II takes place Maine’s Republican Party has failed Maine, the nation, and the world. If not the side of Ukraine to stand with what dictator wouldn’t they appease?

The Maine Republican Party is a minority rightfully because it clearly does not represent a majority of Mainers. Their shameful lack of support for Ukraine, only symbolic, is a perfect symbol for why the Republican Party deserves their minority status.

Michael Hurley