Lilo Blank, 23, of Philadelphia, left, who supports abortion rights, has a discussion about their opposing views on abortion rights with Lisa Verdonik of Arlington, Virginia, center, who is anti-abortion, along with Jessica of North Carolina and Melanie of New York, who described themselves as Evangelical Christians who were visiting to pass out gospel tracts on May 13, 2022, outside the Supreme Court in Washington. Credit: Jacquelyn Martin / AP

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I read Sen. Stacey Guerin’s personal account explaining why she, as a legislator, will be voting against abortion rights in Maine. My understanding is that abortion goes against her religious principles; she believes God has a plan that compels her to vote as she does. However, my religious beliefs do not align with hers; I do not believe as she does.

Why does she or any elected official think they have the power to force others to adhere to a principle of a religion to which they do not belong? Under the U.S. Constitution, we have freedom of religion in America. I would like to think that means freedom from state-imposed religious laws.

Carol Farthing