In this file photo from 2022, Bangor High School seniors Silvia Davids (left) and Emma Youngblood (right) share a smile while waiting to receive their diplomas during a graduation ceremony at the Cross Insurance Center. Credit: Kathleen O'Brien / BDN

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As noted in John Crisp’s recent column in the BDN, public schools are key to promoting equality of opportunity and the overall well-being of everyone in our society. The Bangor School Department’s dedicated teachers and faculty provided our three sons a safe, respectful learning environment and have enabled them to follow their academic and professional goals. In addition, they’ve been mentors, advisers and positive role models.

Bangor schools support all students whether entering the workforce immediately after graduation, pursuing additional technical training and qualifications, or seeking a college education. They support a multitude of extracurricular activities and have paved the way for students looking to create new organizations that suit their interests, if one is not yet established.

Public schools are a wise investment for a community looking to pull people of all backgrounds together and promote a brighter future for all our children and young adults. To all who devote their career to the education of our young people, thank you!

Dustin Smiley