In this Feb. 1, 2023, file photo, people march and hold pro-life signs during the March for Life event in Richmond, Virginia. Credit: Mike Caudill / AP

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The governor and Legislature are considering laws that would waive the current viability standard for abortion. Viability in this context is the ability for a child to live on its own outside the mother’s womb. That means this law would give the right to terminate a “viable” life in some cases.

Regardless of its location, this life is an individual human being, and it is unconscionable that the state would consider such legislation. This is not a matter of choice. I think this is granting freedom to kill a viable person — a person that is separate from the mother. There are laws in our country restricting killing, and we all know it is wrong. When someone kills in self-defense, there is a trial by a judge and jury. The person who kills in self defense doesn’t get to decide whether it was self-defense. Where is the judge and jury for the defenseless unborn? I believe a doctor and the would-be mother being the judge and jury is unjust and a violation of the child’s rights.

The unborn and young are the most vulnerable in our society, and if we adopt a moral mindset, it would be to protect the unborn and not just eliminate them because they may be malformed or even worse may be an inconvenience. Cases that place the mother in jeopardy of mortality should be evaluated by a separate legal process based upon facts and reason. We need to stop this process and not allow state-sanctioned unjust killing.

Vincent Caccese