Ben Randall of Sabattus, seen in this photo from 2022, claimed victory in the St. George River Race Saturday. Credit: Courtesy of Lindsey Cross

Ben Randall continued his domination of the kayaking portion of the St. George River Race Saturday, speeding to his third consecutive victory.

The paddler from Sabattus covered the six-mile course on the St. George in exactly 42 minutes to again claim overall honors in the 42nd edition of the kayak and canoe race sponsored by the Waldo County YMCA.

Kayaker Ray Wirth of Monroe claimed second place overall in 44:42, while Jeff Owen of Orono took the title among canoeists and finished third overall with a 44:43 clocking in his solo boat.

A pair of two-person canoe teams rounded out the top five overall finishers. Ashton Mabee of Bangor teamed up with Jack Burke of Hampden for a time of 45:03, while J.R. Mabee of Bangor and Jake Feener of Camden wound up fifth in 45:23.

There were 84 finishers.

2023 St. George River Race

Top 10 overall: Ben Randall, Sabattus 42 minutes, 0 seconds; Ray Wirth, Monroe 44:42; Jeff Owen, Orono 44:43; Ashton Mabee, Bangor; Jack Burke, Hampden 45:03; J.R. Mabee, Bangor; Jake Feener 45:23; Hank Thorburn, Harpswell 45:31; Dale Hartt, Veazie; Damon Galipeau 46:39; River Robertson, North Berwick; Ralph Robertson, Bucksport 46:52; Linda Basilicato, Corinth; Clayton Cole, Corinth 47:10; Kestrel Linehan, Westport Island; Ryan Linehan 47:25

Anything Goes: Adam Lynn, Tim Schneider, Saoirse Lake 55:57; Emmanuel Boss, Orono 59:43

Century Rec: Terry Wescott, Thorndike; Bob Martin, Dedham 51:35; Andrew Peake, Penobscot; Paul Schultz, Penobscot 1:06:23

Clydesdale Rec: Allisen Risinger, Saco; Mark Risinger, Saco 51:11; Rick Farnsworth, Portland; Morgan Baxter 51:23

Jr/Sr 12 Rec: Jeffry Chase, Bowdoin; Eva Chase, Bowdoin 1:01:36; James Pearson, Appleton; Whitney Pearson, Appleton 1:03:40; David Baird, Pownal; Finn Baird, Pownal 1:06:12

Jr/Sr 13 Rec: Aaron Winslow, Belmont; Brady Winslow, Belmont 56:05; Justin Schlawin, Bowdoinham; Merlin Schlawin-Whittlesey, Bowdoinham 1:04:41; Erik Pearson, Bath; Odin Pearson, Appleton 1:07:22

K1: Ben Randall, Sabattus 42:00; Ray Wirth, Monroe 44:42; Ben Fuller, Cushing 54:29; David Kelley Lincolnville 54:58

KS: Hank Thorburn, Harpswell 45:31; Mark Bamford, Bucksport 48:20; Brian Foley, Southwest Harbor 49:03; Jason Baltes, Brunswick 50:08; Bruce Weik, Freedom 50:46; Glenn Montgomery, Belfast 55:17

OC2W: Nadejda Stancioff, Camden Kim Morse 1:27:09

OC1: Jeff Owen, Orono 44:43; Rod Norberg, Northport 1:02:42; Andrew McDonell, Belgrade 1:07:34

OC1 Rec: Chris Dalton, Bangor 52:04; Dale Cross, Morrill 53:28; Keith Turdo, Whiting 55:16; Andrew Tenbusch 56:53; Richard O’Donald, Newburgh 57:07; Hank Walker, Union 57:56; Jon Thurston, Searsmont 59:08; Andrew Price, Portland 59:52; William Smith, Amherst 1:01:21; Kelsey Sullivan Winterport 1:02:57; Dan Merrill, Stockton Springs 1:03:24; Craig Cunningham, Kennebunk 1:04:07; Mike Timberlake, Topsham 1:06:37; Corey Michell, Monroe 1:07:37

OC2: Ashton Mabee, Bangor; Jack Burke, Hampden 45:03; J.R. Mabee, Bangor, Jake Feener 45:23; River Robertson, North Berwick; Ralph Robertson, Bucksport 46:52; Jackson Winslow, Belmont; Kayden Richards, Belfast 55:34; Peter Gagnon, Auburn; Jeff Misenhiemer 55:55; Keegan Kennedy, Waldoboro; Tom Moriarty 56:23; Wick Irving, Aaron Brunelle 1:09:43

OC2 Mixed: Linda Basilicato, Corinth; Clayton Cole, Corinth 47:10; Eric Jones, Granby; Amy Thornton, Florence 48:47

OC2 Mixed Rec: Kestrel Linehan, Westport Island; Ryan Linehan 47:25; Christian Halsted, Searsmont; Emily Jolliffe, Searsmont 50:04; Angus Deighan, Newburgh; Abbey Deighan 50:44; Jessica Tolliver, Belfast; Seth Hall, Freedom 51:19; Franklin Jacoby, Cherryfield; Millie Jacoby 52:09; Nicole Grohoski, Ellsworth; Kelly Gunthorpe, Northport 56:48; Ashleigh McArthur, South Thomaston; Nathan Perkins 58:07; Todd Papianow, Rumford; Karen Wilson 58:07; Andrew Blunt, Portland; Lana Cohen, Portland 1:00:37; Megan Magowan, Searsmont; Joe Magowan, Searsmont 1:00:45; Gayle Zydlewski, Hampden; Joseph Zydlewski, Hampden 1:03:17; Jon Tofani, Emily Morong 1:08:52; Wes Walker, Lincolnville; Ben Breda 1:24:41; Anna Walker, Mia Rio 1:27:13; Abe Goodale, Camden; Mary Ellen Hitt 1:28:04; Chris Lord, Rockland; Phoebe Jekielek 1:28:59; Rebecca Huettner, Monson; Alexander Larrabee, St. George 1:40:39

OC2 Rec: Dale Hartt;  Veazie; Damon Galipeau 46:39; J.D. Burke; Newburgh; Brady Burke 48:20; Chad Robertson, Pittsfield; Trevor Donoghue, Durham 49:18; Bryan Albee, Machiasport; Justin Lawson, Marshfield 1:00:33; Ben Falter, Belfast; Adam Williams 1:00:48; Adam Bishop, Lincolnville; Brett Sykes 1:18:12

OC2 Rec Sh: Greg Shute, Alna; Kate Ziminsky, Pownal 51:04; Glen Widmer, Montville; Isaac Widmer, Montville 51:49; Eli Jolliffe, Searsmont; Declan Brinn 51:51; Nick Bambrick, Levant; Bruce Benoit, Brownville Junction 55:55; Derrick Bates, Liberty; Kameron Culbertson, Belmont 1:01:18; Hunter Tzovarras, Arrian Stockdale 1:05:10

OC2WW: Josh Povec, Belfast; Rob Kaczor, Union 52:26; Cort Trejo, Matt Doudera 57:53; John Dietter, Rockport; Zeke Dietter 57:14; Matthew Norcia, Palermo; Joshua Lugdon 57:18; Jay O’Hara, Belfast; Meg Klepack, Belfast 1:02:17; Jen Adams, Westport Island; Elly Thomas, Wiscasset 56:28

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