In this April 28, 2022, file photo, land-based wind turbines spin in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Credit: Wayne Parry / AP

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I just watched a video produced by Zach Klyver, a longtime whale watch naturalist and graduate of College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, in which he shared his concerns about the rush to fill Maine’s waters with industrial-scale offshore wind power. Apparently, the number of deaths of marine mammals along the Jersey shore has gotten his attention and he is speaking out about it. (See “A scientist’s and naturalist’s Questions about offshore wind” from The Maine Reset on   YouTube).

Meanwhile, our hydro dams have all but been systematically decommissioned as our landscapes and mountain ridges are ruined by wind and solar farms. Now they apparently want to ruin the seascape and the wildlife within it. This while your electric bills have doubled.

Now comes the proposed takeover of Maine’s power grid with a promise to reduce our electric bills by 10 percent. Ten percent of which increase? Unfortunately, these propaganda campaigns in Maine have been all too successful in the past, and I sincerely hope Mainers don’t fall for it this time.

One question I would ask the proponents is do they plan to eliminate the Public Utilities Commision after the takeover? I wonder how responsive the consumer-owned utility would be during power outages. Don’t fall for it, and please stop offshore wind.

Renee K. Trust