In this Feb. 1, 2023, file photo, people march and hold pro-life signs during the March for Life event in Richmond, Virginia. Credit: Mike Caudill / AP

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As a man, I cannot fathom the pressures that rest on the shoulders of a mom considering abortion. But as a father who has lost two children to miscarriage and almost lost a 3-year-old in a freak accident, I can testify to the pain of losing a child. I do not wish that pain for anyone.

All lives are precious, Every child is a gift from God. Women deserve better than abortion, so do pre-born children.

Where are the men of this country? It is time to step up and be a father. Take responsibility for your actions. Moms-to-be, please prayerfully consider your alternatives. There are God-fearing couples like my wife and I eager to adopt your baby. Where are we? Our voices are drowned out by political rhetoric.

Please consider your options. Please reach out to your local pregnancy resource center. Men and women of God, step up and adopt a child that needs you. There is no reason that any baby should die for a lack of being wanted.

Let’s all speak out against expanding abortion access in Maine. “Vacationland” should not become “Abortionland.”

Nathan Persinger