Two people place flowers at a growing memorial in front of a campus entrance sign for the University of Idaho on Nov. 16, 2022, in Moscow, Idaho. In a normal year, University of Idaho students would be bustling between the classes and the library, cramming for finals and looking forward to winter break. But on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022, a little less than half the students appear to have switched to online classes after four of their classmates were brutally murdered. Credit: Ted S. Warren / AP

Darrell E. Brooks Jr. drove a sport utility vehicle through the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin,  killing six people and injuring 62 others. Bryan Kohberger allegedly stabbed to death four university students in their beds. Jeffery Dahmer started killing in 1978 was not arrested until 1991, 17 victims later. There were no calls to ban SUVs, No waiting periods to purchase a knife, and I am sure cannibalism is still against the law.

There is a very long list that does not involve firearms. If we wait until all the facts are gathered, we find that in many cases these criminals were known to friends, family and law enforcement. Some had long arrest records. Some received shorter sentences or received early release. Many times, crimes were committed the day they got out of jail.

It’s not as simple as banning guns. That is a political agenda, not a solution to the problems in this country. Crime and criminals are the problem, not guns. Enforce the laws, all laws. Still looking for a motive? Mentally ill people sometimes hurt, rob, and kill people.

Terry Shortt