Belfast’s city concessions stand will feature creative, gourmet egg rolls this summer.

Although the city Parks and Recreation Department originally recommended a taco vendor for the summer lease, that business pulled its application. The city instead awarded it to Big Daddy’s Hot Box, which also operates a food truck locally.

Egg roll varieties will include the Dr Philly for $8.50 (seasoned beef, green peppers, white onion and cheese with a smoky, creamy tangy, slightly spicy sauce), Bubbah’s Ranch for $8.50 (chicken, bacon, red onion and cheese served with ranch) and Buffalo Bill for $8.00 (chicken, cheese, red onion and buffalo sauce served with blue cheese), among others. The menu will also include Cincy Style Chili (chili sauce served over noodles with cheddar and oyster crackers) in two sizes as well as hot dogs and desserts.

Belfast Parks and Recreation Director Norm Poirier said that BelTaco withdrew its application due to another opportunity that arose unexpectedly. Poirier had previously said in a letter to the City Council that he had reservations about Big Daddy’s Hot Box, owned by Ike Contino, because of his associated food truck, which Poirier feared would draw their attention away from the city concession stand — something he said happened with the vendor last year. He addressed that when he spoke to the City Council at its April 4 meeting.

“[The owner] was really really adamant that this would take their full focus,” Poirier said.

Must Be Nice Lobster, a Belfast food truck and restaurant, was awarded the contract in 2022, but had licensing delays.

The vendor pays $200 per month in rent to operate the concession stand.

“This idea of having this kind of concession in a busy park is something that has transformed parks everywhere in our country, for sure,” said Councilor Mike Hurley.

Hurley and other councilors including Paul Dean said they’d like to see more done to support the viability of the concession stand vendor such as adding additional signage — something that Poirier said is prohibited by zoning.

For those who can’t wait for the concession stand to open this summer, you may not have to. The Big Daddy’s Hot Box food truck is currently operating out of the Perry’s Nut House parking lot, Poirier said.

Correction: An earlier version of this report misstated who owns Big Daddy’s Hot Box.

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