Electric vehicle chargers are seen in the parking lot of South El Monte High School in South El Monte, Calif., Friday, Aug. 26, 2022. Credit: Jae C. Hong / AP

I am amazed at how easily electric car companies tell the public how good and how long their batteries will last, 100,000 miles for some. Problem with this is these potential time frames occur under perfect conditions and proper use of the batteries and their cycles.

If the average person can get 50 percent to 60 percent of these numbers they will have done well. Temperatures don’t seem to have been considered when making these claims, how many times the battery will be short cycled apparently is not part of their equation, only perfect conditions seem to be considered. I know, these new types of batteries are the greatest thing ever made, but they will not defy the laws of physics. Extreme cold, or heat or plain old misuse will cause premature failure, and a tune up won’t fix this problem.

The arrogance of people who will do and say anything to promote what I think is a green energy fiasco is beyond belief. I believe we are being forced into a world with no backup plan from these government mandated laws and requirements and the suffering will be monumental.

Thank you to all the liberals for destroying countries around the world. Job well done.

Larry Davenport

Fort Fairfield