President Donald Trump arrives at a campaign rally, Thursday, April 27, 2023, in Manchester, N.H.

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A recent morning I read where Donald Trump has indicated he won’t participate in any upcoming debates being held by the Republican National Committee (RNC). His reasoning is the RNC didn’t consult with him as to even holding debates, let alone where and when. So, he is “taking his ball” and going home.

Not being a Republican (or Democrat for that fact), these debates offer the electorate a chance to hear from candidates their ideas and positions on a wide range of topics. If Trump were involved, I think all we would hear is his complaining about his loss in the last election. I seriously doubt he has any position on topics that face the nation.

This country desperately needs people who can offer sound ideas and be able to convey those ideas to the public. I for one won’t miss Trump this fall and look forward to candidates who can carry on a meaningful dialogue.

Richard Barclay