What started as an online feud between Daryan Saunders and another person ended with gunfire and a 21-hour standoff.
Auburn and state police were engaged with a 21-hour standoff on Gillander Avenue from Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning. Credit: CBS 13

An online feud escalated into real-world violence on Monday afternoon in Auburn.

Daryan Saunders, 47, of Auburn has been charged with elevated aggravated assault, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, aggravated reckless conduct, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, criminal mischief and creating a police standoff, according to Timothy A. Cougle, the deputy chief of the Auburn Police Department.

Saunders was engaged in an online feud with another person that had escalated into threats, Cougle said Tuesday.

Apparently looking for a confrontation, Saunders gave his address to the other person, and when they drove by his home on Gillander Avenue, Saunders shot at and hit their vehicle, according to Cougle,

That drew a response from Auburn police, and later the Maine State Police, who surrounded his home, evacuated some of those living nearby and advised others to shelter in place.

During the ensuing standoff, Saunders allegedly fired numerous shots at police who attempted to coax him into surrendering.

A neighbor told the Sun Journal that bullhorns and light went off every 45 minutes during the course of the night. She told the newspaper police broke down the front door, broke windows, dragged things from the house, pumped tear gas and pumped water into the basement. The home apparently belongs to Saunders’ mother, who doesn’t live there.

After 21 hours, Saunders surrendered peacefully about 10:15 a.m., Cougle said.

No additional information was immediately available.