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Every once in a while, a trail camera video comes along that has to be watched — over and over again — to be fully enjoyed.

Such is the case with today’s footage generously provided by Mallori Raasumaa of Auburn. Raasumaa, an animal lover who keeps a close eye on what’s happening around her home, has come up with a gem.

There’s a hole in her yard that she’s been calling the skunk den after seeing a skunk go in it on a game camera two years ago, Raasumaa said in a Facebook post.

However, she recently discovered that there are new tenants in the den.

“It seems that hole now houses a family of foxes,” Raasumaa said on Tuesday. “I saw some little fluff balls dart into it yesterday so I set up a live feed camera.”

Those fluff balls are two fox kits that have discovered the joys of playing in her yard. The young ones engaged in an extended game of chase, racing all around the yard as their mother looked on.

A few times, it even looked as though the kits knew where the camera was located, as they ran right toward it, then past, providing viewers with some slightly blurry — and adorable — closeups.

The fox kits’ spunk is intoxicating. And Raasumaa couldn’t help but be transfixed by the goings on.

“I’ve been enjoying nonstop cuteness today,” she said.

Our thanks to Mallori Raasumaa for sharing this awesome video with Bangor Daily News readers.

Pete Warner

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