Firefighters douse the smoky remnants of a Days Inn in Kittery on Wednesday. Credit: Ben McCanna / Portland Press Herald via AP

A fire destroyed a Days Inn hotel in Kittery Wednesday afternoon, and firefighters worked to find one to two people unaccounted for in the blaze.

Kittery Fire Chief David O’Brien said the call on the fire came in at 12:03 p.m. He said the fire at the $1.6 million hotel went to five alarms.

“It is a total loss,” he said. “There is nothing left of the building.”

O’Brien said firefighters are chasing down reports of missing people. “At this point, we have one possibly two that are unaccounted for,” he said.

O’Brien said one firefighter was injured with cuts. He also said a passerby was injured but didn’t provide additional details.

Flames tore through parts of the roof, and smoke could be seen from more than a mile away. Part of the building also collapsed.

O’Brien said the fire was under investigation. The size of the fire, the size of the building, wind and lack of water all made it challenging to fight the blaze, he said.