Followers of a committee hearing on several bills to expand abortion access in Maine watch it on a TV set up to accommodate overflowing crowds in the State House on May 1. Credit: Billy Kobin / BDN

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Today, we are experiencing an increase in the gravity of threats against human life. There are threats against individuals and people. One of these current threats is the attack on the weak and defenseless unborn baby.

Today, a lot of people are treated as an opportunity for profit instead of being treated as free and responsible persons.

One of these attacks is currently taking place here in Maine with the legislative push to expand abortion.

What was previously rejected as wrong with our common moral sense is now considered socially acceptable. Even the medical field has compromised with protecting and caring for human life.

I’m asking readers to oppose the abortion bill proposed in Maine and help restore the good basic value of human life. Contact our elected representatives to oppose abortion expansion in Maine.

Rob Poissant