Standing in front of a bust of the late Gov. Percival Baxter at the Maine State House, State Rep. Seth Berry speaks July 13, 2021 in Augusta, about the governor's veto of a bill he sponsored to replace the state's privately owned electric utilities with a consumer-owned utility. Credit: David Sharp / AP

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Mainers are tired of paying some of the highest electric rates in the country while foreign-owned utilities, Central Maine Power and Versant, rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. Our Power, a group of Maine ratepayers, business leaders, energy experts and conservationists, wants to change this by putting Maine’s energy future in the hands of Mainers.

I think CMP and Versant serve the interests of their shareholders, not the people of Maine, and it shows. Mainers are paying some of the highest electric rates in the county for an unreliable electric grid and terrible customer satisfaction. Our Power wants to change this with the creation of the Pine Tree Power Company, a local, consumer-owned utility that would serve the needs of Maine people. Consumer-owned utilities are not a new idea; Maine has a history being served by consumer-owned electric, water and telephone utilities. Today, consumer-owned electric utilities serve part or all of 98 of the 488 communities in Maine.

We need to take back our energy for the good of all Mainers! Join Our Power in this mission to support The Pine Tree Power Company against the unreliable and expensive CMP and Versant. Check out to find more information on Pine Tree Power and how to take action.

Chloe Sheahan, Sunrise Bowdoin