In this Sept. 20, 2022, file photo, a man looks at the description of a sculpture depicting 17-year-old male chimpanzee Jaska, by Gillie and Mark, in London. Credit: Vadim Ghirda / AP

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I usually admire Gwynne Dyer’s columns in the Bangor Daily News, but I think his most recent contribution (June 13) is full of misinformation.

To begin: his assertion that war is a human hunter-gatherer legacy is off the mark. Hunter-gatherers are among the most peaceful societies on earth. In fact, organized warfare became a problem with centrally organized states, i.e. “civilization.” Furthermore, what is often referred to as “tribal warfare” appears to be largely a response to pressures originating from the colonial expansion of so-called civilized states.

As for our “closest living relatives, chimpanzees,” they are no more closely related to us than bonobos. These primates, unlike chimpanzees, are known for their peace-keeping behavior.

In short, there is no reason to blame our evolutionary past for modern warfare.

William A. Haviland

Deer Isle