Le Brun

SEARSPORT — Anodyne Book Shop in Searsport kicks off their Summer Sign and Sip Series with local summertime author Michelle Le Brun, who will read from her first book “Holy Shift! Driving Through Grief in a Vintage VW”on Saturday, July 1 from 5-7 p.m. 

When everyone is facing loss head-on these days — a tragic and untimely death of a loved one, a marriage, a job, your patience with your children or political leadership, your faith in humanity or the feeling of still being untethered with relationships and loss from the wrath of COVID — this book might be the roadmap for your journey of loss and the long road of grief.

An excerpt from the author, “You and I have much in common. We live and love. We suffer loss. And we grieve — it’s personal with no perfect roadmap to peace. The drive is littered with speed bumps, pot holes, detours, and dead ends. Faith can be challenged, if not lost. Hop in my VW Bug with me as I drive you through the tragic, untimely, and unexpected loss of my 13 year old sister. Find hope here. I will share with you a road-tested spiritual compass engaged in mindfulness—a tool in our tool box that helped my family heal along the long road of grief. It could be the divine road rescue you need. Essential to driving, shifting gears helps to move through any loss. Here are the keys. Get behind the wheel and drive.”

Le Brun is a wise guide on the journey of grief  her experience is not from a degree in psychology or grief counseling. “It’s personal expertise learned in life’s classroom; it’s a lifelong thesis project that is difficult to foot note,” the author reports. She encourages everyone to find peace in their grief journey and hopes “Holy Shift! Driving Through Grief in a Vintage VW” can elevate and amplify your attitude, latitude and magnitude. This book is for anyone struggling with a moment or marathon of loss. And she welcomes anyone to take it for a test drive.

Le Brun is a professional wine and spirits consultant and writing books is her side hustle. Join her at Anodyne Book Shop, 33 East Main Street, Searsport. For more information visit www.anodynebookshop.com. To reserve a seat, call the shop 207-548-4212 or email elly@anodynebookshop.com.