Two of the offshore wind turbines, which have been constructed off the coast of Virginia Beach, Va., are seen, June 29, 2020. Credit: Steve Helber / AP

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Coastal communities like ours are ready for an offshore wind industry in Maine. Offshore wind done right, using technology, skills and workforce from right here in Maine, could stabilize energy costs and create new, family-sustaining jobs that will keep more of our young people in the state.

A group of legislators, fisheries and labor industry folks, and environmentalists has been working for nearly a year to write a bill that achieves the right balance. We must support fisheries and coastal towns while we also promote a new industry that could reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the warming of the ocean that is already impacting our marine wildlife.

The Legislature has found that balance through  LD 1895 — a bill that will jump start the offshore wind industry in Maine while ensuring appropriate environmental protections, labor provisions and siting guidelines that will advance our maritime industry while keeping the Gulf of Maine healthy and productive.

Through LD 1895, Maine has the chance this year to build offshore wind the right way and not leave our fate in the hands of either the federal government or other coastal New England states that are also eager for this new industry. There are only days left in the legislative session, and we cannot wait until next year to start a process that will benefit Maine’s working waterfront for decades to come.

Please contact your legislators and urge them to support LD 1895.

Corliss C. Davis