caption: FILE - The morning fog lifts beyond the Burton M. Cross Building, left, and the State House, June 21, in Augusta. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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What’s going on in Augusta? This legislative session has been unlike any in recent memory. To anyone paying attention, I think it’s been quite ugly, with Democrats repeatedly engaging in heavy-handed conduct to force a radical political agenda down our throats.

Things took a particularly shameful turn with the budget shenanigans at the end of March. More disturbing is the appearance of Gov. Janet Mills working with the House and Senate to ram through the budget months early, using a political stunt to adjourn, with the governor quickly calling the Legislature back to finish their business, which the Legislature just said they had finished.

The lack of respect for those with opposing views does not bode well for our democracy. The obsession with power at the cost of integrity is unbecoming.

There is a group called Respect Maine trying to hold Mills and the House and Senate leaders accountable for their acts, which the group has argued are unconstitutional. Why hasn’t this very compelling lawsuit been covered more in the press — a press that seemingly never tires of exposing alleged Republican wrongdoing.

Our elected leaders must be held to high ethical standards of behavior. What’s been going on at the State House this session is falling far short. I hope Respect Maine’s lawsuit is successful in holding our elected officials accountable.

Lisa York