In this June 21, 2023, file photo, Mainers on both sides of an abortion-rights bill line the hallway leading to the House Chamber at the State House in Augusta. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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I’m writing in response to the passage of a bill in Augusta allowing for abortion expansion until birth in some cases. Criticism and negativity about each other is the easy route that is prevalent in our culture. I think the words, “My right, my body,” are words that give no place for solidarity, to openness to others and service to them.

This individualistic concept of freedom leads to the strong against the weak. The unborn baby is weak, defenseless and at the mercy of others such as we once were. The danger of promoting only ourselves is that we will likely reach the point of rejecting others. Our democratic ideals are true when we safeguard the dignity of each person which includes a mother, a father, an unborn baby and our elderly.

My hope for us is that we can work together to eradicate poverty and other problems so each human life will be respected. Under God, I’m my brother’s keeper as we belong to one another.

Rob Poissant