Beware when the sign says "Road Closed."
A driver narrowly missed going straight into a giant hole on Sunday after ignoring signs warning the road ahead was closed. Credit: Courtesy of Jay Fire & Rescue

A Mainer who ignored a “Road Closed” sign almost drove straight into a giant hole on Sunday.

The pickup truck driver was traveling on Woodman Hill Road, which was posted with “Road Closed” signs, according to Jay Fire & Rescue.

Flash flooding washed out the road in late June, according to the Sun Journal, and a giant hole now stretches from one side to the other.

The driver might have ended up in the hole if it weren’t for a large dirt pile that “fortunately” was in the way, according to Jay Fire & Rescue.

The driver wasn’t injured.

The Jay Select Board is seeking bids from contractors to repair washed out sections of Woodman Hill Road, the Sun Journal reported.