A view of Central Maine Power's hydro power corridor project that is on an existing corridor near Moxie Pond that had been widened. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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So as citizens in the state of Maine, we were able to vote on whether we wanted the clean energy corridor to be constructed. Before we even had a chance to vote, they started building the corridor. Few people seemed to understand how this was legal. But they continued to construct the corridor.

The citizens of the state of Maine then voted against the corridor. The people who were then constructing the corridor basically said, “It’s too late, we already started building it.” And court officials basically said, “That’s right, you already started building it so we should give you a chance to finish it.”

Do I have this right? What am I missing? It feels like the citizens of Maine got played.

Nathaniel Russ