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I hope all registered voters in Maine think long and hard about who is more competent at running these power companies. Although I am completely disgusted with how I see Versant treating the electric customers in northern Maine, what would we have if control is handed to an elected board? I know little about Central Maine Power practices but assume they are another “profits first” company like Versant seems to be.

Watching how our elected leaders have handled the power corridors, solar farms and wind farms, or more accurately how they have mishandled them, I hope the voters of Maine wake up, smell the roses and stop this apparent power grab by some elected officials before we are once again forced to pay needlessly higher rates because of the failures of our leaders. I foresee nothing but disaster from this quasi-government takeover even though I believe control of our power supply and generation needs must be directed by companies that will not take their profits and disperse them to their foreign ownership.

Government and the environmentalists are trying to force us away from oil or gas-fired electrical generators, forcing monstrous ugly power corridors on the people and land owners, along with inefficient solar and wind systems that are overpriced and inefficient, all for whose benefit?

Please send them back to the drawing board again and again until we get what is best for the citizenry. You only have one vote so don’t waste it.

Larry Davenport

Fort Fairfield